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PHRASES for Addictive Drums 2

PHRASES for Addictive Drums 2

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PHRASES | Presets and MIDI for Addictive Drums 2

Back with a new collection of sounds, this time for Addictive Drums 2! PHRASES for Addictive Drums 2 is a combination of 30 vintage, fat, warm, punchy and crunchy drum presets (kits). Accompanied with 35 creative, ROYALTY FREE MIDI drum loops to catch inspiration from. All labelled with suggested tempos. Styles from various different genres. Let it loop and play some keys or chop your samples over top of it! Instant vibe… Get that authentic live drummer feel that you’ve been looking for! This pack also comes with a PDF full of Tip and Tricks so you will get the most of Addictive Drums!

Requires Addictive Drums 2 and these AD Paks:

Fairfax Vol. 1, Fairfax Vol. 2, Blue Oyster, Black Oyster, Black Velvet, United Pop, United Heavy, Modern Soul & R&B, Funk, Studio Rock, Studio Pop, Studio Prog, Indie, Vintage Dry, Boutique Mallets, Session Percussion, Retroplex.

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